Sunday 29 May 2011

Boo Blogger – Yay Pants!

Guess the one post Blogger lost from my site in the outage over the last few days ??

Yup.  The  Melody Miller giveaway post LOL!  it disappeared into the ether some time yesterday afternoon. 

Maybe the seagull was good luck after all - cos all blog comments come through Disqus straight to my mail - (I already had them backed up cos I’m a paranoid nerd)

but honestly!  … Can you imagine if I hadn’t ??


Today I have been importing all the questions into the most amazing mega spreadsheet.
Oh I love Excel … whoops, nerdswoon

Yesterday I finished my giant Lynne Bob Square Pants block  – using 5” squares – for my Feel The Fear sampler quilt.

I’m really pleased with it … 

And today I had a little fun with some squares and threw in a couple of pinwheels for good measure. 

… hope your weekends are stress free and colourful …


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