Friday 27 May 2011

dear diary, blogger broke again and a seagull fell from the sky

So, thanks for all the brilliant comment action, such fun to read, and there are some cracking questions there … Squee! I’m loving all the button shop & fabric lust out there too!

I’m going to extend the Eternal Maker Giveaway to Midnight Tuesday 31st to make up for any time you may have lost trying to leave a comment over the last couple of Blogger meltdown days … 


I’ll announce the Melody Miller winner as soon as I get some time this weekend.  Promise.

Yesterday was a weird day.

I got up at about 6am and pottered around making coffee, grunting, doing a bit of barely-conscious sewing.  At some point I noticed the sky go that lovely yellowy grey dark,  and I could hear a a little rain spattering, so I thought I’d take a picture out of my back window. 

It’s not a great photo, it was only meant as a memory prompt.

I thought I’d go out and take a photo of the wet on the stone. 

I like things like that.  I love the lush green and ridiculous size of the fern too …

I pulled on my boots and went out the back door …

and then there was a


<warning – you did read the title, right?>





How weird is that? 

Obviously it didn’t land neatly at my perfectly centrally positioned feet like that, this is one of those arty blog feet photos … but it was only about six inches away.

It was already dead when it landed.  Not stiff but definitely dead. It had ceased to be.

I still had to do that poke-it-with-the-toe-of-your-boot thing, just to make sure it wouldn’t flap its wings when I picked it up.  Judging by the eye, he’d had a bit of a dogfight in the sky.  He was a young adult. 

Then I picked him up and my whole concept of ‘seagull’ dissolved.

I have lived in Brighton for 16 years.  Seagulls are part of our lives here.  Love them or hate them, we can’t help but study 'em.

I don’t love their bomber command scavenging … I’ve had a sandwich whipped out of my hand on the beach once or twice ... bastards … But I do just love their bird-ness.

They are so stout and bolshy.  I have this thing about wanting to squeeze them, … I always imagined that they were quite bulky. like when you pick up a cat, I mean, they’re huge, they must be quite weighty, right?

Well, wrong apparently.  Of course, if you think about it, which I obviously hadn’t, birds have the finest of porcelain-like bones, and are full of air pockets to keep them buoyant and aerodynamic.  Oh, and covered in feathers … But so floaty light?

It was like picking up a candyfloss seagull.


It was profoundly moving.

So this is my shot of the wet on the stone

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