Saturday 7 May 2011

Creating Galleries in Flickr - A Nerdy Tutorial -

I’ve created a Brit Quilt Swap Inspiration Gallery for my partner-to-be on the upcoming Brit Quilt Swap on Flickr.

flickr ten

I’m nerd Mama on the swap, so I thought I’d do my bit and post a picture tutorial on how to set up a Gallery on Flickr.

A Gallery is basically the same as a Set, but with other people’s pictures. The thing I like about Galleries is that they take the mosaic one step further.

On swaps sometimes, it’s very easy for us stalkers partners to feel intimidated by the beautiful things in our partners’ mosaics. In a Gallery you have the chance to say something about what makes those pictures inspirational for you, and this can really help your partner.

They’re such fun to do, and easy peasy too.  Let’s go!

1.  I started off with my mosaic links, but you can add any picture you see on flickr that is enabled by the user. Basically if it works in your mosaic you’ll most likely be able to put it in a gallery.

flickr one

2.  Using the drop down menu under ‘Actions’, select ‘Add to a gallery’

flickr gallery tutorial

3. You can add to existing galleries, or create a new one:

flickr two

4.  Give it a name and a brief description …

flickr three

5. Click ‘Done’

flickr four

6.  Once you’ve created the gallery, whenever you want to add to it, you’ll see it in the menu on ‘Actions’ --> ‘Add to Gallery


7.  You can then find your galleries on the drop down menu under ‘You’ at the top of the flickr page.


8. When you click on ‘Galleries’ you will see them all there. Voila!

flickr five

9. Once you click into your gallery you can do stuff on the right hand side, like reordering and changing the thumbnail, and on the left you can start adding comments to each of the pictures. to give a little more information on why you've chosen them

flickr six

So, what’s stopping you? 

Whether you’re doing a swap or not, go have some fun, create a gallery and share the love!

And, if you're a Brit Quilter and you want to get involved in Lynne's Brit Quilt Swap on Flickr get on over there and join!  Sign ups start any time now.


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