Tuesday 17 May 2011

Feel the Fear and do a Lynne Bob Square Pants(ish)


I'm sorry to present this all untrimmed and all .... but I couldn't wait!

I didn't do it completely to Lynne's pattern cos I had 2" squares prepped ... so instead of using two sizes I just used the 2" squares throughout ...

I love it. It's my most accurate stitching, piecing & trimming to date. Especially as it was just that bit more fiddly due to my insubordination!

Scraping and Bowing to Lynne for such a great workout ... She's like the Jane Fonda of Quilting, man ...

I'm quite pleased it's over though, as I did unpick two rows TWICE because they were just too misaligned to cope with.

Honestly, I was desperate, and then like magic ... it was like a little fairy visited me ... I remembered this great tip of sewing from the centre point outwards when joining nasty pointy fiddly rows ... worked brilliantly!

You may as well go through another stage in the process, if it means you can give it your best shot ...

I also PRESSED (whodathunkit???) all the seams open to make the points easier to match. I'm pleased I did.

This is my story: I'm a cack-handed sewist with a good dose of OCD on the side. I may cock it up 10 times, but I'll keep on going until I admit defeat.

Gonna go big (5") again next block ... Woot!


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