Monday 16 May 2011

Feel the Fear and Sew It Anyway

Via Flickr:
Today, a small whirlygig star - another block in my fun with HSTs sampler experiment ...

I wanted the challenge of working with something smaller and more fiddly.

I think the fact that I'd already made the large one, so it was repeating a process, really helped.

Process is all with these babies. I like the process though!

Echino Lightweights and Calico.

This calico is fine but stiff, and has some creases that won't press out, so it's quite tricky to work with, given the buttery-ness of the Echino. I like the flecks in Calico, so a few creases doesn't spoil it for me.

I think it''ll soften up (and the creases might weaken) when washed ... but that extra 'stickiniess' is quite handy when for lining up straight lines - no fraying!

This 6.75" block uses 2.5" squares (trimmed to 2")


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