Wednesday 11 May 2011

Desert Island Quilt

Over on the Brit Quilt Swap Lynne posted a great meme:

Desert island Book, DVD, CD & Quilt

I put my answers in on the discussion, but I thought I’d just expand them a bit here:

For a start, just let me say this is an entirely impossible task! I have so many multiple preferences/personalities!

So I will have to go with today.
Today I am feeling brave and positive and excited, so ...

Book: Between Silk and Cyanide - Leo Marks

This is Leo Marks' (he was the son of the owner of 84 Charing Cross Road ) memoir of life in the SOE, during WW2 - all those amazing cryptographers & spies who helped the Resistance. So many of them women. So absolutely inspiring ... ok, and a bit nerdy cos there's lots of secret code stuff on silk handkerchiefs ... bliss.

 He also wrote possibly the most beautiful poem ever used in codebreaking

DVD: Wings of Desire

The tale of an angel craving mortality in order to have the sensory and emotional depth that he cannot have as an angel.

It's set in Berlin, in B&W, in German with subtitles and very gently slow, and yet it's the most breathtakingly easy film to watch.

It also has Peter Falk. Of all people. Playing himself. Truly heavenly.

(absolutely not the fluffy awful American remake with Meg Ryan as a brain surgeon? ok?)

Album: David Bowie, Hunkydory

This can take me back to the impossibly hopeful weightlessness of youth in the twang of a guitar string. Consistently great songs, chirpy, positive and let's face it, there's a Bowie song for every playlist.

Quilt: the Wandsworth Prisoners Quilt

This was shown at the V&A Quilt exhibition last year.

Wandsworth Prison was built in the 19th C and is now massively overcrowded.

I couldn't imagine being locked up in such a small space. (whatever the crime) and I totally understood how sewing kept them calm. Awesome.

Watching the video documentary was the only time I've ever cried in a museum.

(Apart from getting lost in the dinosaur hall at the Natural History Museum when I was about four. Tres traumatique, I can tell you)

What would you choose? 

If you’re in the Brit Quilt Swap, get on over there and tell us, or if not, just take the meme and run with it!

If you’re a Brit Quilter and you’d like to take part in the swap, signups end on Friday …


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