Tuesday 10 May 2011


Via Flickr:
I now accept that these are all unavoidable stages in the life cycle of a sewing woman.

I'm sure I'm a little greyer and a little older since I decided to bite the bullet and confront my fear of the Half Square Triangle.

I was so inspired by Suz's wonderful block over at PatchworknPlay, that finally  ...

and after a fair bit of Grr! and Ack! ... but, I cannot deny, also quite a lot of pleasure ....

... we have ...

A real, live HST Block -

My first (other than some awful disasters in the past!)


And finally I've done something with some white in it! Huzzah!!

(actually it's a very yummy unbleached calico)

It helps that I was using Echino's new yummy lightweights - they're just so soft and buttery and sew like a dream .... I got the fabric online from The Eternal Maker ... They're in the UK! Yay!

I really do love the fact that it's so perfectly spring/summery

I also took no risks and used my walking foot to chain piece LOL!


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