Monday 13 June 2011

BQS Quilt Top 2011 - Harlot's Web

So, just a quick update on my Brit Quilt Swap project today ...

I've called this block (temporarily) Harlot's Web because she's been such a minx so far ... It was all very well just doing one block for a sample!

How many strips??

Too many, that's how many!

I honestly don't know how people have the patience to do this for a whole quilt, but if the blocks were bigger I guess it would be different!

These come in at 7" each, so they're quite fiddly for me.

All those seams ... gah! ...

My beloved machine has been very sick since day one of this little project - so far we have gone through 9 needles!

Luckily a lot of them were when doing the foundation bits, so I wasn't using my very best, but still ... it was more the time it took to replace and re-thread (!) grrr!

But this weekend I just sat down and thrashed through it all in one long long session.

Anyway, now I'm at basting and quilting stage, so am ready to have a lovely peaceful hand quilting session.

I'm just delighted that I even managed to get this far.

I do hope you're going to like it, partner! It's a real labour of love.


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