Tuesday 14 June 2011

Cool Flickr Search Thingy - FlickrHiveMind

Have you discovered FlickrHiveMind yet?  It’s a great little search tool -

Brit Quilt Swap - Harlot's Web Quilt Top - 2011 -

I stumbled on it it by accident because yesterday’s blog post picture apparently appeared on Explore on Flickr - it’s one of those ‘interesting picture of the day’ things that I have no idea what the pre-requisites for being chosen are!

DQS10 - Gee, It's a Bloody Mary Bendy Blockrubystarrising searchAnyway, I was jolly chuffed - and then after a bit of entirely mindless clicking  - I found myself on a list of “The World’s Best Photos of Ruby Star Rising”  - LOL!  Talk about hype -- but anyway, I was super delighted to see that my DQS10 Bloody Mary quilt was on there … I guess this search engine is based on activity/number of hits/comments or summat?

when I searched my flickr user name - this is what came up …


It’s lovely - you can search by date or ‘interstingness’ etc. and there are different page views … I liked the thumbnail view …

The World's Best Photos by Sarah @ PingsAndNeedles - Flickr Hive Mind 2011-06-14 20-13-16

You can also search any of your tags and it will show all other pics on flickr with that tag … you get the picture?  Hours of endless timewasting opportunities here I think …

FlickrHiveMind is above all a great image search engine for flickr content.  Give it a go!


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