Friday 26 August 2011

Winners! Japanese Scrap Bag Giveaway!

Okay, this was a really difficult one because I wasn’t using mr random generator but my own mind.  heavy, man.

So, if you didn’t win it’s not because it wasn’t a brilliant idea.  I did focus on choosing ideas that I thought people would really like to see and that I thought would embrace the scrap challenge to the full!


I’m joining in too with my scrap bag – although I’m obviously not entering my own competition, cos that would be silly and highly illegal.

I haven’t thought about what I’m going to make yet, but whatever it is I’ll be paying it forward to someone along the line!

So, without further ado, the ten winners who are entered into the next round to win a year’s subscription to the Eternal Maker’s Japanese charm club are:

  • narcoleptic in a cupboard

    If I won the scrap bag I'd like to make a little fabric game I've been thinking about ... ooh intriguing!  Can’t wait to see!  I’ve been wanting to make a memory game for ages … is that what you have in mind?

  • Sarah Olson

    I think I'd like to make a quilt square purse, or maybe an eyeglasses case!  OR SOMETHING SHAPED LIKE A DINOSAUR.  Just because.  You’re on!  I want to see the something shaped like a dinosaur!!

  • Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle
  • Depending on the scraps, I would be making tags to distinguish all 3 school kiddies identical book bags, PE bags, swimming bags and cardies; children should be identifiable by pattern!  Blurry brilliant idea Hadley!  I can see people really appreciating this one!

  • Alli H

    I'd make an eating out kit: a little pouch to hold a knife, fork, spoon, and a pair of chopsticks. Lately I've been feeling guilty about using plastic utensils when I go to restaurants that put your food in takeaway containers even though you'll be eating there. I felt bad that those plastic forks and things only get used for about ten minutes and then thrown away... they barely had a chance to live! :D  This is such a great idea … I totally agree about the plastic cutlery thang …

  • Bianca G

    My sister has been wanting a muff to keep her hands warm when it's cold outside. I think it would be so cute to have the Japanese prints on the outer of the muff with some nice fluffy fabric for the inside. Oh yeah, she also wants it to be a purse, so I'm working on inserting at least a small zipper compartment of some sort. But she would simply die if she got a muff plus cute Japanese fabric. We've been Japan-o-philes for a while. Well, anyone who can write the word muff without sniggering is a better person than me … can’t wait to see your muff *snigger!"

  • Ali @ Very Berry

    Oooh - have been thinking about this all day... If I had some gorgeous Japanese fabrics, I would want to do something really special with them... My friend is having a baby later on this year, and I think I would like to make some cute little patchwork baby booties...  I can see them now - they would be so fab! Oh yes, bring on the booties!

  • Eilidh

    I would make a stocking for my wee 1 year old friend Joseph. He'll be spending Christmas in Japan this year (and maybe next) as his mum moved out there with him in March. We all really miss them and this would be a lovely way to show that I'm thinking of them and hopefully he'll use it once he's back in Scotland for a long long time and then the fabric will remind him of Japan! Lovely idea and it’s good to have something Christmassy … eek! only 16 weeks to go!

  • Emily L
  • I would make my little girl a patchwork sandwich bag and try lamintating my scraps once pieced to make it usefully wipeable, she is off to pre-school soon :( and it will be lovely to send her with something made with love and unlike any of the other childrens! I’d love to see this made, it would be soooo useful!

  • Ella

    I could make a corset belt for bellydance ... and if there were sufficient scraps, a border for the edge of a bra.  How could I not let this one in!?  Go shake those scraps baby!

Yay!  So, ladies … Please make sure that you email me your postal details so that Anna get your scrap bags off to you!  You’ll have until roughly 10th October to complete your project and for voting to commence.  woohoo!    I’ve set up a Flickr Group, so please go and join there for updates, more details etc.

It would be great if you could chart your process a bit for the rest of us, but if you’re really busy, a pic of the scraps you get and of your finished item would be fine too. 

Everyone is welcome to join the group – please come on over and comment or add pics of your own scrap bag makes …

Those of you who didn’t win this little giveaway still have a chance to win 16 FQs of Holiday Fabric – Jovial by Moda – for my blogiversary giveaway … There are such great answers coming in you should go and have a read!

Thank you all so much for such great ideas … you make my day, really!


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