Sunday 23 October 2011

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Greetings Blogfans (I’m channelling Roland Rat?? sheesh)

I’m back in the blogosphere a bit … phew … long story and bit too much to recount here, but here I am anyway!

Now, let’s get down to business ….

My lovely Eternal Maker Japanese Scrap Bag Challengees have really really pulled it out the bag!  I am so impressed, so delighted and so proud to present the fruits of their labours …

Back in the summer the original challenge was to use a Japanese scrap bag from the Eternal Maker, with very little else added,  to create something fabtastic ... and boy oh boy have I got some lovely stuff to show you ... 

I’m going to split this post into three parts, showcasing 3 entries per day and then voting will start on Wednesday … So be sure and pop by for the rest of the loveliness … I'm not commenting on anything, to maintain impartiality!  This will be down to your votes, not mine!

So, today we’re looking at Ali @ Very Berry Handmade , Eilidh, and Sarah@NarcolepticInACupboard.

Clicking the images will take you to them looking lovely and shiny and big on flickr!

Ali @ Very Berry Handmade - blogged here

“If I had some gorgeous Japanese fabrics, I would want to do something really special with them... My friend is having a baby later on this year, and I think I would like to make some cute little patchwork baby booties... I can see them now - they would be so fab!”

Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge entry Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge entry

Eilidh:  read more here

”I would make a stocking for my wee 1 year old friend Joseph. He'll be spending Christmas in Japan this year (and maybe next) as his mum moved out there with him in March. We all really miss them and this would be a lovely way to show that I'm thinking of them and hopefully he'll use it once he's back in Scotland for a long long time and then the fabric will remind him of Japan!”

more here

Scrap Bag Stocking Stocking stuffed

“If I won the scrap bag I'd like to make a little fabric game I've been thinking about ...”

Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe!)Japanese Scrap Challenge GAME!

and the backs of the Tic Tac Toe pieces also go together to make a puzzle! 

 Extra game!

mosaic tutorial here

Aren’t they great?!!  I really am beswooned by the genius and ingenuity … Thank you so much you clever clever people!

Please come back tomorrow for the next three!  Ella, Beth@Madscouser, and Alli.   Squee!


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