Wednesday 2 November 2011

Eternal Maker - Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge - Final Votes Please …

OK lovely people … if you haven’t voted yet … now is your last chance … I’m extending this until midnight THURSDAY (UK time) because I know a few people who want to vote but maybe are a little jet lagged from Quilt Market :)

To sum up, these are our wonderful entries:

and you can vote here
The winner will receive a year’s subscription to Eternal Maker’s Japanese Swatch Club
The entries are awesome [a word I can type but can’t actually say because I’m a Brit and I find it tricky]

In other, related, news … have you seen the new Echino Fall 2011 line? … S W O O N …  here are a few pics … all available from the Eternal Maker  …

What I love about Echino is that you can obsess and build a stash over time and it will always work well together … genius!
So, go vote, please … your blogfriends need you!
Or go buy, please … your local UK fabric store needs you too!


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