Saturday 5 November 2011

Ta-Ta-Ta TaTaTa Taaaaaaaa! Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge Winner!

Months of crafting and snapping and posting and commenting are over. 

The votes are in and have been counted.  I was absolutely meticulous about this and discarded a few votes that had been entered more than once and took the total over three ... In kindness, let’s say that was just over enthusiasm on the part of some voters … no vote fixing here, my friends … oh no ...

The Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge gauntlet was enthusiastically and creatively taken up by The Magnificent Nine:

  • A. Hadley - school tags
  • B. Emily - sandwich bag
  • C. Bianca - japanophile muff
  • D. Beth - Pleat front Sorbetto top
  • E. Alli - eating out pouch
  • F. Ella - belly dancing corset and bra trim
  • G. Sarah - tic tac toe & puzzle
  • H. Eilidh - diamond scrappy stocking
  • I. Ali VeryBerry - boy & girl bootees

  • Only one couple have danced their way to earn the right to lift the mirrorball.  (Sorry, seem to be channelling Strictly …)

    Goodness me! It was a close run thing … A total of 372 votes !!

    It was vay vay exciting checking the spreadsheet to see how things were going - every day the Top 3 changed!

    So, in customary style, let’s go in reverse order ….

    In third place, with 52 votes …..

    Hadley from FlyingBlindOnARocketCycle and her tremendtastic tags!

    In 2nd Place, with 55 votes:

    Eilidh’s divine scraptastic diamond stocking!

    And the Winner, with a whopping 81 votes …

    Ali at VeryBerryHandmade’s Bootiliciously Scrappy Baby Bootees!


    Congratulations Ali! - you get to wear the crown and sash as 2011 Eternal Pings Scrap Bag Challenge Queen ...  you will be receiving a year’s subscription to the Eternal Maker’s Japanese Swatch Club

    Thank you so so much to everyone who took part with such wonderful enthusiasm and creativity.  You’re all winners …. man …. Thank you too to Anna at The Eternal Maker for suggesting and sponsoring the challenge!  You all rock!

    Tomorrow I’ll announce my voter giveaway winner, but for today, let’s just drool over those bootees again … after all, that’s exactly what the babies will be doing! Bwahaha!



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