Tuesday 22 November 2011

Feast your Mince Pies on this {Accuquilt Go! Baby} Wrist Pincushion Tutorial

So, following on from yesterday’s post, may I present the mince pie wrist pincushion!

This one came about when I was sewing the perle thread edging on my wristwatch pincushion - it reminded me of the crimping round a mince pie!  (It was teatime too, and I was feeling a tad peckish) so I just made one to see if it worked!  I really like it … a bit of festive silliness!

This one is even easier and faster to make than the last … no transfer printing, just plain felt, a bit of ribbon, a brown marker and a tea bag!


You will need:

2 x 3” circles of white felt

2 holly leaves and 3 berries cut from felt

neutral sewing thread (I used my Aurifil)

some caramel coloured Perle thread

A brown permanent marker pen (I used a Sharpie)

some rice for the filling

2 scraps of velcro

10” piece of twill or ribbon - edited to add ..
 the ribbon is from Clothkits here ... 

First cut your circles … 
If you have an Accuquilt Go! Baby then you know how easy this is!
Equally - if, unlike me, you are good with scissors - it shouldn’t be too taxing!

IMG_0647_400x600 IMG_0644_800x533

Next, you need to just go round the edges of your holly shapes very gently with a brown marker (I cut mine freehand, but you can find clipart here) and then make some little crimping marks round the top circle.


Then sew your holly shapes onto your top piece with the caramel Perle thread …

IMG_0682_364x600Now sew your ribbon/twill down the middle of the back piece (that middle section will be covered by the top piece.


You can sew your velcro on now,
or wait until it’s stuffed (don’t trim the length until it’s finished as you could end up with a tight fit!)


Then pin and sew the two pieces together, along the line of your ‘crimping’ marks.

Again, I used backstitch.

Leave a gap for the stuffing!

Fill with rice (quite puffy this time, as it’s a pie!) and sew up the gap.


It should look like this:IMG_0687_800x533

Now you need to go round again, this time with the Perle thread in a kind of reverse blanket stitch.

You can leave it like that -


But if you like your mince pies with a bit of a higher bake, then just get a cold tea bag and daub it gently over the surface of your pie … build up the colour slowly … less is more.


I actually used a bit of felt dipped in my cup of coffee because I was lazy!


I think these would make really sweet stocking fillers for stitchy friends ... Do let me know if you make one!

Next up is a nerdy mug rug ... here's a sneaky peek ...


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