Sunday 6 November 2011

Random Scrap Bag Challenge Voter Winner!

How are your weekends going?  Nearly gone?  Horrid isn’t it!?!  …
One of you randomly picked voters from the Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge might just have a little postpone Monday happy dance, as I will be sending you a little scrap bag of my own:
So, Congratulations to:

Jan at Isisjem, who commented:
"Hadley’s School tags should win because they are different but useful to many people and applications.
Eilidh’s diamond scrappy stocking should win because it looks so fine and has a lovely story to go with it.
Ali of VeryBerry boy and girl bootees are just too darn cute not to win. I actually want some adult slippers just like them. "

.. couldn’t agree more Jan, and I love that you picked the first three in reverse order!  Kismet.
Please email me your address details and I’ll get a little something in the post to you …

In other exciting news … have you read this?  Yes! Lynne@Lily’s has joined the Fat Quarterly team! That’s like Inspiration Overload! … Congratulations Lynne! 

What larks, Pip!


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