Thursday 24 November 2011

Thankful - One Gal’s Scraps are Another Gal’s Feast!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you across the pond, here in the UK and in fact anywhere in the world …

I love the idea of Thanksgiving (bar the turkey, cos it's just rank, sorry - I'm with Katy on that one). 

I think we should make more of being thankful here in the UK but we’re all a bit up our own arses - call it stiff lower lip if you will ...

Anyway ...

A couple of days ago I received a wonderful package from Aneela Hoey @ comfort stitching of some Quilt Market scraps from her new ‘A Walk In the Woods’ line (well about a ton actually) which I wasn’t going to show until way closer to its release date … but listen up guys … this is one gal who may suddenly have come under the spell of the toadstool after years of meh-ness!

Foxes? Who wouldn’t love them?  I have an almost obsessive love of 'em ...

But really, me? toadstools?  …. mmm hmmm … I think I’ve moved along apace … (I will never openly admit I love cute though, right?!)


And if that wasn’t enough … Today I came home from a tiring day at work after horrid doctor’s prodding around yesterday to what is fast becoming a tradition in the Pings household. (sorry about the lazy in-bed photo, which in no way does justice to the colours … but I’m pooped.)


… the scraps from Melody Miller’s Quilt Market table, of her new line Ruby Star Shining … just heaven. Oh Melody. Typewriters, clocks, coffee pots, flubbers? swoon and weep.

Both of these fabric lines are soft and beautifully buttery, inviting touch and love and desire to sew.

Thank you ladies.  I am truly lucky and truly thankful to have made such wonderful online friends. 

Love to you and yours, wherever they may be … n'night!


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