Tuesday 27 March 2012

springing to life

There is nothing quite like early evening in spring … that low hazy sun and clear skied chill too light for jim jams (yay!) extension of day. 

Last year I bought this beautiful fragile paperwhite (yes, really just the one - I have 8 foot of garden) and lo! it has come back to visit again this year … how I love bulbs.  I used to really not get the point of spring, but as I get older I appreciate the concept of new life more and more.


What a beautiful sunny weekend it was … all the better for opening wonderful packages and going to investigate Brighton Craftganza and my favourite Saturday {linen man} market … I even managed to fit in a layer of sashing on my swoon-along quilt.

  • Fantastic buttons you decorate by stitching w/embroidery thread, from here
  • An amazing bundle of A Stitch in Color from the fantabulous Julie at The Intrepid Thread - more on that later …
  • Home baked soda bread.
  • A stack of dots and spots ready to be cut into charm squares.
  • mahoosive swoonalong  quilt top - one more border of turquoise to go …
  • I spy a fox at the market.

How's your week going?
springy? or saggy?

I'm going back to the skyscraper stack of marking ... see you soon ...


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