Tuesday 16 October 2012

Ada Lovelace Day - Patron Saint of Lady Nerds! {16/31}

This post is brought to you through the power of Blogtoberfest 2012

Today is Ada Lovelace Day – a pretty amazing woman – she was Byron’s daughter and worked very closely, totally ahead of her time, with Charles Babbage, the grand-daddy of computing.  She was an amazing mathematician with great vision and a fabulous wildness about her.

Her story is amazing and inspiring and makes me kind of wish I’d been her. 

If you fancy a totally marvellous rollicking read, then I really recommend The Bride of Science by Benjamin Woolley

If you’re not that bothered then you can still read a bit from the Guardian, here.

Or you can take part at FindingAda by nominating a woman in science/mathematics etc. who has inspired you.
Lily's Quilts Math
 I’m seriously thinking about nominating Lynne@ Lily'sQuilts for her fantabulous Quilt Math series – binding here and sashing here so far …

If you’re just feeling totally lazy, click pic below to go to the directory of stories and read what others have written:

finding ada

There’s a load of things happening to celebrate, all over the world.  There are some great links there …

In other news, it’s Tuesday and that means a pile of marking heavier than my weekly shop.  I know this because I foolishly juggled both on the way home.

How is your inner nerd?  Do you embrace it/her?

Or do you register absolute zero on the nerd scale?

(I bet everyone scores something, or you wouldn't be (a) blogging or (b) quilting ... )

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