Wednesday 17 October 2012

let the sunography shine in {17/31}

This post is brought to you through the power of Blogtoberfest 2012

Way back in the days when I seemed to manage catching up on blogs as well as blogging MUCH more frequently and fluidly than I do now, I bookmarked a post of Jessica@HowAboutOrange’s about using photosensitive dye.

Ripple dissolve a gazillion years later to a couple of months ago when I came across some photo sensitive fabric squares in a fab shop in the North Laine (that’s a seriously good link, btw, if you’re planning a shopping day) called Junk Funk and something just went *ping* and curiosity got the better of me so, reader,  I bought a pack …

If I showed you the fabric I’d have to kill you it would expose it to the light and that would be silly, but the weight and feel is reminiscent of Oakshott’s non shots, but a little lighter and looser in weave, if you know what I mean …


I got a fab neon perspex silhouette of Brighton Pavilion for Crimbo last year and have been dying to find a use for it other than purely decorative …

Needless to say, it has been raining pretty much ever since I bought the fabric, so experimentation was postponed due to lack of bloomin sunshine …

Until a couple of weekends ago!

I didn’t stick to the recommended exposure time at all, on account of it being bloomin winter and the sun being so much weaker, so I pretty much let it sit out in the sun patch on my front steps for a few hours and then rinsed as per instructions.


I love it. I see a patchwork using a combo of sashiko squares and this photo sensitive fabric. The background colour always turns this denimy blue, but there’s a good selection of different coloured fabrics which provide the ‘ink’ colour.


I thoroughly recommend … I’d like to do some larger silhouettes (leaves etc.) to get more of a contrast going …

On a bit of a tangent … here’s Let the Sun Shine In from Hair – as poignant now as it was back in the day.

Have you ever used photosensitive fabrics or dyes?

If you could only use one object to represent you, what would it be?

Remember … you still have until the end of the month to enter the Brighton Sewing Centre giveaway for 12 FQs of Blitzen from Basic Grey.

This giveaway will run for the duration of Blogtoberfest – that is, until midnight 31st October UK time - I’ll announce the winner as close to November 1st as I can, to give you plenty of time to make a little something for Christmas.

International entries welcome!


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