Tuesday 14 January 2020

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Look at the position of the felt pad in relation to the feed dogs! eek!

Yesterday I was reunited with my old Brother sewing machine after over three years! I’d lent it to my school’s art department when my sewing mojo departed.  As you can see, it was in a filthy dusty filthy rusty filthy state - even the bobbin case was in the wrong position, wedged.  #HoHum 

This was after 1 hr of cleaning, at this point I had to get the WD40 out!

It took about three hours to get him back to good order (pretty near total dismantle job). When I finally got to the point where I could thread the needle and do some practice stitching, features I’d forgotten were so useful started to reveal themselves - the working needle threader, the bobbin action, the needle up/down doopher and, most excitingly the ability to go commando and not use the foot pedal, just push a button and vroom vroom.  

I don’t know why I like this feature so much but I do and I am delighted to have it back in my life.  

Considering this is a pretty low-end machine I’m impressed by the welly under the bonnet in comparison to the cheap Aldi machine I inevitably ended up buying to use in the interim! (I only really bought it to embroider rude words on napkins, which was totally worth it, but seriously, sewing over a dark side seam was like attempting the ascent of K2.)

Brother purrs much more, feels reliable, sews like butter and his stitches are straight!  #Woohoo

They’ve never met before 

He’s now all shiny on a shelf waiting for action.  Not long baby, not long ... 


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