Sunday 24 July 2011

All Hearts on Deck …

If you’re after the Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner giveaway it’s over here - runs until 29th July -

Caroline over at Serenity Quilts is appealing for some heart blocks to make up into quilts for Cancer Research …

I know we’re all busy people - kids on holiday, life in general, not to mention time online, some of us in bees and QALs and such like, but it really takes no time to run up an 8” applique block, bung it in the post and know that you’ve helped someone, somewhere. 

I’m now going to get up from the computer and make a heart block … see you in a tick!

You can watch the test card and listen to some funky orchestral moozak if you want …

35 mins later … 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …. back in the room …

I had time to make coffee too, waiting for the iron - I love the stupid pleasure I get from multitasking domestic minutiae while maintaining hopeless chaos most of the rest of the time!

Here’s what I did:

30 minute freezer paper   bondaweb heart applique
      1. cut 8” square from white or neutral fabric
      2. cut heart template from freezer paper (ordinary paper will do - just draw round it)
      3. piece 2 x 1.5” strips
      4. cut strip to 1.5” lengths & RS down on ironing board
      5. lay bondaweb over pieces (don’t breathe!) & iron
      6. iron freezer paper to RS of block & cut out heart - remove fp.
      7. peel off bonda backing & iron to square block
      8. whizz round with a bit of blanket stitch - it’s the one thing I really love RoboSew for having!
      9. stitch across the rows … I used a fancy stitch as
        I never usually use them!

      10. use up the scraps to make it a pair!

Job done.

I couldn’t resist bondawebbing a few diamonds, while I was at it!  … just for a little hexie fix, you understand …

Coffee still warm too!

So, if you’d like to help Caroline, read more here and leave her a comment so she can send you her details

… or leave a comment here and I’ll pass them on … Either way, please make sure you have reply-to email enabled on your profile!

Cancer touches us all, in some way, at some point in our lives.  It’s good to do a little something.


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