Saturday 23 July 2011

moving on to solids

I’m having a very quiet and thoughtful weekend, so I felt like surrounding myself with peaceful, bundles of calm,in the shape of solids.

I’ve always been keen on solids … but my first forays into quilting last year were pimped by ebay and I just went print crazy!  It’s not so easy to find solids here in the UK but thanks to Mandy @ Simply Solids & Alice @ Backstitch, things are looking up.

I thought I’d bang on about Klona Cottons a bit more.  I’ve been using them for a while now, and as I said in yesterday’s post, I like them.

I think they are slightly coarser than Kona, but that could just be the dressing on them.  They stitch, iron and wash beautifully and soften up a fair bit when washed.  I’ve had such fluctuating quality in Konas when I’ve bought from the US that now I buy the majority of my Konas from Mandy @ Simply Solids and they’re and always consistently tip top reliable, but for me Kona also has some tonal gaps and Klona fills them …

Alice at Backstitch has started putting together some fab ‘Hurricane’ Solids Bundles (she also does great print bundles too)

I have to confess that I’ve only ever won a bundle of fabric in blog giveaways, I’ve never actually bought one, but these babies are pretty tempting, pay day end of the week … yay!

Howzabout this lovely Full Bundle ..?
a FQ set of all 41 colours ... woot! 
I love the hunter green and the cardinal red - they’re quite dry and fierce.

idFile (1)

I'm weak at the knees for this pastel bundle ...   Me?  Pastels?  Yeah, I know, but trust me I have some and they're gorgeous ... The light lilac (6th down in the bundle) is to die for. 
I have an incredibly geeky quilt I’ve been planning in my head for about two years, using pastels and white, that I’m now nearly good enough at sewing to attempt! 

idFile (3)

I really like the neutrals too ...

Quite often I have trouble truly matching greys, Konas tend to be warmer, with more red in them and that doesn’t always work with other, cooler greys in some prints … These greys are bluer in tone.  I’d love if they brought out a really dark charcoal grey.

I love to use fabrics like Osnaburg and unbleached medium weight calico (UK) - I think it’s known as muslin in the US?  I get so confused living in two fabric zones … online and offline! 

It works really beautifully with linens or linen blends - I’m using Osnaburg for my Feel the Fear HST Echino quilt (oh the WIPs!)

Sometimes though, calico & Osnaburg can be just too coarse for other fabrics.  The seeded natural (bottom of the neutrals bundle) is a great alternative.

Do go take a peek at the bundles over at Backstitch

Anyway, tell me, are you a pre-bundled bundler? Or do you just buy your own little selections?
What are the disadvantages or advantages of print bundles - do they make us lazy or provide inspiration? whadjathink??

If you’re after the Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner giveaway it’s over here - runs until 29th July - note: PLEASE don’t ask for other fabrics.  It’s a giveaway for Loulouthi ONLY!  


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